Balancing & Motion
Our Science Topic  investigates Balance & Motion. Investigations involve noticing how things move in different ways, can be stationary or still/stable for a time, or even balanced between stop and go. Soon we will notice vibrations, investigate sound vibration and magnetic forces.
Here are some photos of the first graders balancing paper crayfish, pencil on the point, and making mobiles has been challenging and a lot of fun!  The children are persistent and great at buddy encouragement. 

Stop by during science night to see our mobiles hanging balanced wonderfully! We are making tops using a stiff straw as the shaft and various sizes of disc to explore torque.  Send in small lids and bowls made of plastic, cardboard, or Styrofoam so that we can create a variety of tops. We will make zoomers and twirlers soon and then start to investigate rollers, wheels, and axles.